Masis Sarkisian is a serial entrepreneur with a strong focus in the Financial Technology "FinTech" sector. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Masis has been operating his businesses since 1982. He is a great visionary with a passion to innovate and build communities by empowering the under-served, under-banked and financially challenged who struggle to make ends meet and live paycheck to paycheck. Masis strives to create networks and lead core development teams based in the U.S. to design and innovate smart technology solutions. He utilizes exceptional analytical skills to develop business strategies and employ out-of-the-box ideas to increase productivity and profitability.


While attending the University of Illinois at Chicago, Masis focused his studies on Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science. During this time, he was already burning with business ideas and consequently, in 1982, he started his first company, B.E.S.T., Inc. The company first began as a computer building business and has grown into the emerging FINTech industry that continues to thrive today. Since B.E.S.T., Inc., Masis has founded many other businesses including Processing Services, Advante Health Solutions, LLC, & Zooyza, LLC.


Our mission is to create a single unified global financial service platform that will remove financial barriers by sharply reducing the cost to consumers making it easier to enter our platform. Consumers will be incentivised by rewarding them with cash when they join and use our platform. Creating a “no barriers” mission will improve the financial health of individuals, businesses, communities and nations. The Zooyza platform will create a global partnership which includes financial institutions, retail and mfg business that will create economic opportunities for everyone.


Building a strong partnership with local banks is a key foundation to our platform. By creating a partnership the platform upholds U.S. regulations administered by the US treasury and FinCen when providing financial services. Through this mutual relationship banks benefit in promoting the development of their financial markets while supporting major transaction and settlement systems. Partnering with banks allows us to prove over 3 decades of development and investment to create a home network in technology and banking for consumers and businesses.


Masis Sarkisian has explored many ventures over his lifetime because at his very core he is an entrepreneur. Through FinTech, he has founded and is the owner of iTokenPay, LLC, VertePay, LLC, Advante Health Solutions, LLC, as well as many more companies. Along with the companies he has founded, Masis has diversified his investment portfolio in MSMK, LLC, AS&AS, LLC, Amnetic, LLC, and others to remain vigilante in discovering the next big thing.


As the "cornerstone" company, B.E.S.T., Inc. provides software development and maintenance for business clients. Masis holds sole ownership of all the intellectual property and licenses its IP’s to his other companies. The specific software development includes a payment gateway for merchant accounts that are provided by WorldPay and payment processing. B.E.S.T., Inc. also provides a check cashing system, financial services with support, and KIOSK and ATM development.


A Fintech company that is poised to go global in helping bank the underbanked in underdeveloped places. Zooyza provides digital banking that is “Better than Cash”. Zooyza, LLC allows an alternative to high-cost remittances and micro-lending in place of bank overdrafting.


Over 35 years of building and client satisfaction, B.E.S.T., Inc. has created a portfolio of achievements and technological advancements. Zooyza, LLC will utilize everything B.E.S.T., Inc. has in their toolbox in order to create the frictionless platform and market to consumers around the world. Along with B.E.S.T., Inc., Zooyza utilizes BEST CARD SYSTEMS provided to it by B.E.S.T., Inc. as a Card Issuing Processor to provide its open-loop and closed-loop e-Wallet solutions to both consumers and businesses as end-users of Zooyza Services.


Bank to Card, Card to Bank, C-C, B-C and B-B money transfer and payments

Platform follows strict U.S. BSA rules and compliance Policies

Dynamic Currency Conversion “DCC” with 160 supported currencies

ISO 8583 connectivity for transaction processing

Cardholder online and mobile banking portal/APP

Compliance, risk and fraud alerts

Merchant enrollment and processing

Open-Closed loop e-wallet system with pseudo DDA

Transaction and settlement processing


B.E.S.T. Inc.


Masis Sarkisian
(847) 274-2701